This Anonymous Mom has two daughters, the eldest of which has officially entered Tweendom. I'm a writer in my heart and in every second and hour I can squeeze out of my overstuffed and over-scheduled life. I've published a novel and am working on my second though admittedly, this blog, or the idea of it, has been distracting me, calling to me...and so here I am. I have Tweens on the Mind (and staring at me daily). 

I want this blog to be a place of honesty, brutal, hilarious, however it comes. The more we share, the stronger we are. And the better we can raise this next generation. I look forward to discussions with moms everywhere to talk about our tweens during a time that I, personally, have feared since I was pregnant. I'm also hoping karma is not a real thing and that it will not rear up to bite me in the years to come. There are so many conversations I wish my own mother had had with me. It was a different generation, though, and I can't fault her for it. But this is our time, our generation. We should talk - to each other, and to our kids. Thanks for joining me on what promises to be a an exciting-fraught-hopeful-hormone-filled time! And please share with any other moms you think might want to come along for the ride...

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