Let's do this.

In parenting, I've felt a constant push and pull of trying to maintain control. First it was breastfeeding, then sleep issues, separation anxiety, more sleep issues, transitions, food, school. So, um, everything.

I am pretty sure I didn't control any of it. These sweet little beings we've given life to are PEOPLE. I can nuture till the cows come home but I cannot fight nature. WE cannot fight nature. 

We can, however, anticipate and ready ourselves. Like soldiers for battle. We've spent the last several years being surprised by our kids' behaviors and posting questions on parenting listservs, Googling everything we couldn't identify or fix. But here on the precipice of Tweendom we can remember that stage in our own lives. Boobs and training bras. Shaving for the first time. The first period. Boys. Girls. Bullies. Navigating the social scene. If you're anything like me, those memories are etched permanently into my brain. So for the first time in our parenting life, we *kind of* know what we're dealing with. It might be different if you're raising the opposite gender. And of course different personalities (nature!) play a big part. So all the better for us to team up now. 

I started this blog as a reaction to the changes I'm seeing in my daughter. I'd love it to become a community where we can share ideas, experiences, products, and anything else that might ease our way through this. Together maybe we can make this developmental phase less harrowing and more enjoyable. Less scarring, more laughing.

I hope you'll join me and please share posts you like with other moms. Strength in numbers, as they say!

- Anonymous Mom

p.s. I write anonymously for the sake of my kids. I'm an open book to anyone who knows me. If you comment, please feel free to do so anonymously. No judgements here. 




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