Top 10 Gift List to Please Tweens (And You)


My gift to you. From tween girls and boys, to moms and dads, scroll down to check off your list!

I'm ridiculously late this year. Until this week, I had zero ideas, let alone gift purchases. But after a little research (my gift to you), I've found some unique ideas out there and a few amazing deals to be had. Here we go. 

  • For kids (or adults...) who love their music, BeatsX Earphones in Gray, Blue or Matte Gold: 
  • For kids who love games and a challenge, Color Cube Sudoku: 
  • For serious young engineers who have some hours to kill: Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering: Bridges & Skyscrapers: 
  • For any kids (and for parents) who want to capture the moment, Letters to Me, When I Grow Up:
  • For moms who love cocktails, wine, tea, or coffee (depending on the mood) Corkcicle Stemless:
  • For anyone who needs hydration, my absolute favorite water bottle made by Hydro Flask - stays cold or hot forever (*overstatement but it's amazing): 
  • For the gamer in your life, this Nintendo Switch at-home or portable device: 
  • For those days when you can't get your tween to shower (or you don't feel like it) the BLOM Headband: 
  • Tweens love personalized necklaces and these are a bargain: 
  • My tweens *love* their Fujifilm Instax Mini (for touchable selfies): 
  • Or when you have so many pics on your phone and want to print one (my kids are always asking me for physical copies) - this portable printer (the other side of the paper is sticky!): 
  • Just because. I wish I had one of these in every room: 
  • And...again, I just want one myself. But the kids are dying to have one: 

That's the list! I hope it helps you check off a few things on your list. Happy shopping, girlfriends!



*Full disclosure, these are affiliate links and I may receive a small fee if you purchase an item, at absolutely no cost to you