Take Back Your Me Time (That elusive-but-essential time for #moms)


You've Worked Your Butt Off. Job. Marriage. Pregnancy. Labor. Kids. Day and Night, Literally. 

Before kids, you had a lot of time. LOADS of it. You just didn't know it, right? You even had angst over Time in your single days. Remember? 

Take yourself back. Sleeping in. Brunch with friends. Matinee (hell, any movie in a theater). Shopping. Eating out. Drinks. Maybe even pajamas all day on a rainy or snowy day. You may have had a hobby. Painting? Exercising? Woodworking? Photography? Maybe even something exotic like glass blowing. Who knows. 

The point is, you had Something. It was yours and yours alone. Where is That Thing now in your life? Have you made time for It in between everything you do? Because that list is endless. And there is never time. 


So where are you in all this? For the first few years of parenting I was lost in the chaos. I couldn't squeeze out one hour to work out let alone do my writing (that's my thing). But one day in desperation I forced myself out of my toy-cluttered house to escape my beautiful but clingy and needy children. 

And there I was. In a cafe, sipping a fabulous latte and staring at a blank word document on my laptop. It was Heaven (realizing "Heaven" means something different for everyone). And I didn't stop going. In fact, I went more often, I made it a priority. I started going two, three times a week. Now it's been several years. My kids aren't as clingy (if still needy). It helps that my husband is on board and supportive, but I give it back to him. Encourage him to do his Thing. We're both happier, more at ease and more patient with our kids when we get Me Time. It is, truly, priceless. 


So take your Time. Find It, make It, carve It out. It's so important and you'll never get it back.

Stop looking at your list of things to do - or put YOURSELF on your list (at the top of it). Make Me Time something you absolutely have to check off. I guarantee you won't regret it. 

And it doesn't matter what you do. If the standard hobbies don't appy, find what makes you feel good. Take a class. Get a massage or a pedicure. Listen to a podcast with your eyes closed and no interruptions. Watch guilty-pleasure TV or read People Magazine. Whatever it is, it will help you to be more sane and less stressed. 

And your entire family will thank you for it. Trust me. 

So, Parents of Tweens, what is your Thing? Share how you make time for yourself! Any tips?
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