Tween TV You Can Stomach

While this is under the label "For Tweens" it no doubt could also be filed under "For You." The time has ended that we can trust our kids will eat up Disney shows and terribly written and produced live action shows. Both my kids refuse to watch anything with a laugh track. I've tried to explain why some shows have it but honestly... I don't think I understand myself! 

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Just Between Us

I stumbled on a book the other day and bought it on a whim for my tween. She's all about writing these days - stories, notes to friends, songs, you name it. So when I saw the book "Just Between Us, a No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms" I knew I had to get it. 

She'll love it. You'll love it. 

She'll love it. You'll love it. 


She loved it, loved that I gave her something that would be just ours (and all the better that her sister doesn't have one). Each time you turn the page there's one side for Mother, one side for Daughter. There are journal entries and pages of "free space" where you leave notes to each other. You can tell about a boring day, a hurtful moment, a secret easier shared on the page. It's also a place of truth where apologies and forgiveness can be given. Truly, whatever the day calls for. 

There's also fun stuff. Questions they answer about you, questions you answer about them. Lists of favorite things. Drawing spaces (her's will no doubt be better than mine). Endless communication tools that will hopefully help us to sustain our relationship as life shifts these next few years. And unlike my mother who used to read my sister's diary (no secret, obviously!) and broke the trust between them, hopefully this will do entirely the opposite for my girl and me. 

The Basics. The Body.

Oh, the changes. What I would've given for some kind of guide to my body when I was a tween! Instead I was left to stare at myself in the bathroom mirror (the only bathroom in the house), until someone kicked me out. The hair. The boobs. The B.O. The zits. Not to mention the social aspects of Tweendom. So when I first discovered The Care and Keeping of You (by the American Girl Doll publishers) I knew I had to get it for my girls. A friend of mine bought it for her daughter when she was eight or so, and simply left it on her bedside table. She could flip through it freely and ask her mom if and when questions came up. I've decided to both do that and to read it to my girls. In short, my youngest giggles non-stop and has no idea what I'm going on about. My tween oscillates between embarrassment and fascination. But each section starts a dialogue and that's all we can ask, right?