The Basics. The Body.

Oh, the changes. What I would've given for some kind of guide to my body when I was a tween! Instead I was left to stare at myself in the bathroom mirror (the only bathroom in the house), until someone kicked me out. The hair. The boobs. The B.O. The zits. Not to mention the social aspects of Tweendom. So when I first discovered The Care and Keeping of You (by the American Girl Doll publishers) I knew I had to get it for my girls. A friend of mine bought it for her daughter when she was eight or so, and simply left it on her bedside table. She could flip through it freely and ask her mom if and when questions came up. I've decided to both do that and to read it to my girls. In short, my youngest giggles non-stop and has no idea what I'm going on about. My tween oscillates between embarrassment and fascination. But each section starts a dialogue and that's all we can ask, right?