Great Books for Tweens

I've been reading to my girls for as long as they would listen. I still do it, despite the fact my tween reads to herself. It's part of our nightly routine, a hanger-on from the preschool days that neither of us wants to let go. But after several years of reading aloud, I crave more complex plots and she's able to follow them with ease. Remember, she's nine, so this list will start on the younger side and I'll build onto it. But I highly recommend these reads for your tweens, especially if you're reading them together. Here are 20 books to start: 

Wonder (I'm dying to read this and it's on our shelf!)
Charlotte's Web (classic)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, several (the protagonist is a bit of a jerk but he learns a lesson eventually)
The Mouse and the Motorcycle (one of my faves)
Harry Potter (the series)
The Boxcar Children (we haven't read it yet but it's on our list)
The Land of Stories series (much fun to read aloud and despite referencing fairy tales it is NOT a princessy/overly girly series)
The Penderwicks series (also on our To-Be-Read list)
Magic Treehouse Series (fun and educational along the way)
Because of Winn Dixie (TBR)
James and the Giant Peach (a classic though it's quite sad/depressing)
Little House on the Prairie (better to read than to watch at this age!)
How to Eat Fried Worms (TBR)
The One and Only Ivan (TBR)
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (TBR)
Inside Out and Back Again (fantastic)
The Secret Garden (classic)
Crenshaw (TBR)
The Jungle Book (timeless)
The Daring Book for Girls I & II (reading and activities - my daughter loves it)

Please share your favorites - so many books, so little time. Happy reading!



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