Need food now?

No one ever said, "Let's take the long way 'round." If you're living in the world I'm living in, we need short-cuts. Especially on Those Days. 

You know the days. Sick kids. Sideways rain. Appointments. Errands. Husband traveling. You traveling. On. And. On. 

Or maybe you're just freaking tired. Exhausted. Done. 

On top of that, you didn't menu plan for the week. I mean, you meant kind of did (in your head). 


You could do mac 'n cheese. Pasta. Frozen nuggets, or pizza, if you have it in the fridge. Otherwise...eggs. Yeah, eggs is always a good backup. But there are only four left. So what will YOU eat? 

For those of you who haven't stumbled on this lovely service, I'd like to introduce you to Peapod by Stop & Shop. For under $15 (fee + tip) you can peruse the aisles and fill your cart. In your jammies. With a glass of wine. Watching TV when the kids are asleep. 

And if you'd like a couple other options, these other two grocery delivery services have also saved me: 

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