The Summer Re-set

I can feel it. My lungs filling more fully. The knots in my back slowly untying. I can see it in the dirt on the kid's feet after a day playing outside. The warm car I get into is like a blanket. Sometimes I just let it comfort me before turning on the blast of cold air. 

Summer is here. Today is my kids' last day of school. It's bittersweet...part of them wants to stay in school (mostly because of their friends, but luckily they also love their teachers and classes). Part of them wants to jump back into the camp they've gone to every summer for the past few years. But before we know it these precious, sun-filled summer months will be over and we'll be back in the grind again. So for now, I'm going to revel in the warmth and the free afternoons. The spontaneity of a picnic or a dip in the local lake. Lemonade. Summer dresses. Flip flops. Lazy days. 

No extracurricular activities. No homework. No rush to bed at night, or rush out of the house in the AM (though I do's still less stressful than getting them to school before that unnerving late bell!). 

I hope we can all enjoy these fleeting summer days. I know we may be wishing them away when school nears again in August, but maybe not. Maybe we can grasp that in another few years summers may not be as sweet when our kids would rather be elsewhere than hanging out with us on a beach. So my mission this summer is to simply savor it.

Happy summer everyone. 


Holly RaynesComment