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If you're a parent or educator, psychologist, nutritionist - really anyone who has insight into the Tween mind and body - we'd love to feature a post by you. Not to mention, any parent out there interested in sharing an experience about their tween (good, bad or ugly), feel free to reach out if you'd like to share with our readers. Send us a message and let's talk!

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Tweens have an unbelievable amount of brand awareness and knowledge of fashion trends. They're on devices daily, interacting with friends, listening to music and checking out everything from clothes to electronics. Nearly half of all tweens in the U.S. have cell phones between the ages of 10 -11 (many as early as 8 or 9).  According to the CDC, "Tweens and young teens control nearly $40 billion in purchasing power of their own and influence tens of billions more in family buying decisions." 

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Meet Generation Z. They are open to - and eager for - new ideas and trends. They're developing an acute sense of style that defines who they are both to themselves and to their peers. They're more tech savvy than any generation before them. From AdWeek: "The 20 million boys and girls in this country aged 8 to 12 are the new power players of consumerism. Calculations vary according to the assorted ways tweens are defined (some say they’re 9 to 12, others 10 to 12), but one estimate has kids aged 8 to 12 spending $30 billion of their own money annually and influencing another $150 billion of their parents’ spending." 

This demographic spends their parents' money because they're too young to work. Moms Anonymous is aimed at mothers of tweens...and they control everything. Trust me.