Has Your Tween Discovered We Are Savvy on YouTube?

we are savvy youtube red

Recently, my tween and I stumbled on a new show called We Are Savvy. My kid is hooked. 

Because this is really all about our tweens, I'm going to start off by sharing my 10yo's review of her fave new show: 

I think kids should watch the show We Are Savvy because it is empowering, funny and crafty. In Savvy, each episode has a theme and girls try out new activities that are related to the theme. That includes crafts, cooking, singing, travel, dance, and more. Each episode you meet new people that can inspire you. It is such fun show, try it out!
— 10yo Tween (female)

Now for the adult point of view. This magazine-style show is aimed at tweens and lives on the YouTube Red premium, ad-free channel (@ $9.99/mo). We Are Savvy is all about Girl Power and the creators hope that it inspires their young audience (clearly my daughter thinks it achieves this goal). It stars kids whose names I've never heard (for the record, neither had my tween). Evidently a couple of them are YouTube "celebrities" including a girl named Annie LeBlanc from the Bratayley YouTube channel. I then Googled "Bratayley family" and discovered that this vlogging family has over 14 million views on their channel which has been around since 2011. But enough about my lack of pop culture knowledge. 

In short, We are Savvy is a fast-paced, kid-witty, fun-informative twenty+ minutes that features segments on music, fashion, and DIY, as well as lifestyle elements, and celebrity profiles. The hosts all have their own style and unique personalities and my tween enjoys watching them go on adventures with people like musicians, fashion designers, racecar drivers and skateboarding Olympians. Check out the trailer to get a feel: 

After watching several episodes with my tween I had to agree with her. I found the tween/teen show hosts and the segments to be funny, diverse and engaging featuring entertainment that's age appropriate for 8yo - 12yo (and up). I actually laughed out loud a couple of times, which is no easy feat.

In sum, we highly recommend We Are Savvy for anyone in the Tween Realm!

The YouTube Red can be subscribed to in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Korea, and other territories as the relatively new service expands.