Girls Night Out (via Blog)

You're at home. Kids are in bed. Sweats on. Wine (or tea) in hand. Rehashing the day with girlfriends. That's why you're here. Tween mood throw yours off today? Did you scream till your throat hurt? Or did you quietly seethe and bemoan the fact you no longer have a newborn who can't talk back to you? Or maybe you had that elusive, perfect day. All of that belongs here. It's Girls Night Out. Let's hang - anonymously or otherwise. I don't know about you, but I live for my nights out with the ladies. It's a lifeline. It's sanity. So...say anything. Save your sanity (without the therapy). 

Throw out some topics or questions - anything on your mind or on your nerves. To get the ball rolling, Pick any of these and start the conversation:

What signs of puberty are your kids showing? 

What buttons is your tween currently pushing? 

When things get nutty, do you step out for some Mom Time or do you fight through it? 

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